Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never used an apartment locator before, you may have some questions about how the process works. Here’s the scoop:

After your initial contact with one of our knowledgeable, friendly agents via phone or email…

  1. You and your agent meet at our conveniently-located office in Central Austin. You’ll discuss your housing needs and desires in depth with your agent. Together, you will narrow your search to those properties which fit your requirements, style, and budget. You may even take a look at pictures and floorplans of candidate properties to gain more insight and narrow the list even further.
  2. Your agent will drive you to the properties that you’ve selected and escort you on a tour, offering valuable insight on each property along the way. You will see all of the properties that interest YOU. Once you’ve seen a few properties and have let your agent know how you feel about each, they will likely be able to suggest additional properties that fit what you are looking for. However, your agent will not drag you to any properties that you don’t want to see or don’t have time for. Our agents are the experts in Austin housing and apartments, but YOU are the boss!
  3. Once you’ve selected your perfect new place to live, your agent will assist you in submitting the required paperwork, application fees, deposits, and anything else that is required. We’re even happy to hand-deliver these important pieces to the property to ensure that your special place is reserved. Once all paperwork and fees are submitted and you are satisfied with your choice, your locator’s job is done. However, we always want you to stay in touch! Once you’ve moved in, please let your agent know how you like your new apartment, condo, or rental house. They’ll use that information to help their next client!

Why Use an Apartment Locator?

  • Why not? The service is completely FREE.
  • In West Campus and North Campus / Hyde Park, most of the apartments do not have an on-site office. The easiest way to get a look inside those properties is to use a locator. It beats the “I think I went to a party there once” method any day.
  • A good locator can help you explore all popular student living areas, including all locations on UT shuttle routes.
  • A good locator can explain the difference between areas (ex: West Campus vs. North Campus) in terms of convenience, price, noise level, etc.

Why Use Apartment Finders Service?

  • We have an staff of knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and caring agents.
  • We have been in business for over 30 years. We have been occupied the same West Campus location for 17 years. We will be here to help for years to come.
  • Our agents use a sophisticated, extensive database of properties that is compiled in-house. This information includes AFS in-house properties as well as the properties that are offered by every other company in the University of Texas campus area. It includes information like move-in date, price, which bills are paid, and more. The best part is, your agent will give you a printed copy of that information to take with you. No more taking notes on your hand!
  • We have an office. Unfortunately, some locators in the area do not. This often forces their clients to drive to–and attempt to park at–the properties on their own, risking getting lost or having their vehicle towed. We have plenty of free parking at our office and our agents will even drive you around! Don’t worry, we know where to park.
  • We are not satisfied until you are satisfied that you’ve found a great new place to call home!

Remember, our service is completely free to you. No hidden costs or fees. FREE. Also remember, your agent doesn’t get paid anything unless they assist you in finding the place you eventually choose to live. That’s strong motivation to work hard to make sure that you are satisfied!